LEON3 soft processor

2012-01-26Publicerad av Sven-Åke Andersson


We have just started a new FPGA design project at Realtime Embedded. We will use the Leon3 soft processor from Aeroflex Gaisler and build a system around it. For that reason I have ordered a new development board from Xilinx, the Spartan-6 FPGA SP605 Evaluation Kit.


Reading instructions

This is the first part of the LEON3 tutorial. The chapters should be read in date order, starting with the oldest. At the end of every chapter there are three links called TOP,  NEXT and PREVIOUS. The TOP link takes you the top of the current chapter. The NEXT link takes you to the next chapter and the PREVIOUS link takes you to the previous chapter. If you would like to see a table of contents showing all chapters you can click this link. You can also click the Modesty-CoreX label and then click "Table of contents".



Unpacking the box



Here is what's in the box.


The board itself.


The documentation

In the box we find these two documents, all other documents are found on the USB flash drive that is included in the kit.



Here is the content of the USB flash drive.


Installing the ISE Design Suite software

ISE Design Suite 13 comes in many different configurations. We will use the Logic Edition in our project. For more information see Xilinx Software And Design Tools page.

The software can be installed from the DVD included in the kit or from the Xilinx software download page. For more information about downloading and installing the software from the Xilinx download site see FPGA from scratch part 51.

 To install the software from the DVD, insert the DVD in your computers's DVD reader. The DVD contains the following directories and files.


We will install the Linux version of the software. To start the installation double-click the xsetup icon and follow the instructions.


Installing the license file

A software voucher is included with the SP605 evalutaion kit. The voucher contains the code that is used to create a device-locked and node-locked software license for the ISE Logic Edition. To create a license go to the Xilinx Product Licensing Center.

Enter the 22-digit code from the voucher in the field shown here above and click "Redeem Now". For more information see the document "Getting Started with the Xilinx Spartan-6 SP605 Evaluation Kit" and FPGA design from scratch part 51.