MicroBlaze soft processor

2012-04-18Publicerad av Sven-Åke Andersson


The MicroBlaze soft processor core from Xilinx is a 32-bit RISC Harvard architecture soft processor core with a rich instruction set optimized for embedded applications. With the MicroBlaze soft processor solution, we have complete flexibility to select the combination of peripheral, memory and interface features that will give us the exact system we need at the lowest cost possible on a single FPGA. For more information about MicroBlaze go to Xilinx web page

Reading instructions

This is the first part of the MicroBlaze tutorial. The chapters should be read in date order, starting with the oldest. At the end of every chapter there are four links called TOP,  NEXT,  PREVIOUS and TOC. The TOP link takes you the top of the current chapter. The NEXT link takes you to the next chapter, the PREVIOUS link takes you to the previous chapter and the TOC link takes you to the table of contents page. You can also click the Modesty-CoreX label and then click "table of contents" to get to TOC page.

Nine months later

After less than a year it is time to take a look at what has happen to the Xilinx design environment and see if our setup will still work. This time we will download Design Suite 14.4 and run it on Ubuntu 12.10 in the dual-boot system I have setup using a Mini Mac. Every time I find something has changed or I can't get things to work I will make a notice in the current blog serie. Please join me on this revival tour.

FPGA design from scratch

Here is a link to the FPGA blog I started to write 2007 about using Xilinx FPGAs. It is a somewhat outdated, but still worth reading.

Getting help

There are several forums discussing FPGA design and MicroBlaze. The Xilinx forum is one of them. The Avnet forum is another one.


The goal of the Xilinx Wiki site is to provide technical information and collaborate with the community on Open Source projects that are being done in Xilinx. Xilinx also provides a Git repository to help with open source development and collaboration, and all sources can be downloaded from the GIT repository.


comp.arch.fpga is the main newsgroup for FPGA discussions and comp.arch.embedded for embedded design.



Here is a presentation of MicroBlaze borrowed from Avnet






Next step

We are ready to download and install Xilinx Design Suite Embedded Edition. See next chapter.