Using the ISE Project Navigator

2012-02-07Publicerad av Sven-Åke Andersson


The Xilinx ISE Design Suite controls all aspects of the design flow. Through the Project Navigator interface, we can access all of the design entry and design implementation tools. We can also access the files and documents associated with our project.

Starting ISE Project Navigator

We can start ISE from our design directory and have the design loaded using the command: <make ise-launch>


FPGA design process

The design process can be controlled from the Process window by double-clicking the different processes. Make sure to select the top design file leon3mp.vhd in the Hierarchy window.



Result reports

The results from the synthesis, mapping and place and route are displayed in the Design Summary window.


 Using the RTL and technology viewer

The RTL and technology viewer let us view the complete design in a hierarchical fashion. We can zoom in and out using mouse strokes and pop in and out in the design. Here are some screenshots showing the views.



 For more information about the RTL and technology viewer see the ISE project navigator help pages.