Xillybus Linux for MicroBlaze

2012-06-11Publicerad av Sven-Åke Andersson


When browsing through the web I found one more Linux distribution that can be installed in a MicroBlaze system. It is called Xillybus and is stored and booted from the compact flash card available on the SP605 board. The Xillybus mini-distro for Microblaze on SP605/ML605 consists of two or three parts:

  • a CompactFlash image with the runtime environment for the Linux system
  • a bundle to generate the FPGA bitstream
  • a kit for cross compilation of user space applications (optional)


The Linux distributions offered on the site (the LiveDVD image as well as the Xillybus mini-distro for Microblaze) are released under GPL, and can be used with no restriction like any Linux distribution such as RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu etc.

Download everything

We follow the instruction and download and unpack the following files: