It’s easy to say that we want Realtime Embedded to be one of the best companies in the world when it comes to systems design and the development of advanced systems and products. But actually being it is harder than just saying it.

To succeed, we need the smartest and most knowledgeable specialists – so that we can then improve them even further. All our staff are passionately (some say unhealthily!) interested in technology.

We often work independently, on–site with the client. In other projects, we work on our own premises, in-house. Either way, we’re consultants, and that can sometimes be tough. But we make sure that even when we’re working independently, we do it together. We’re a team, and we focus on building team spirit and a sense of participation at both meetings and conferences. And we’re well aware that when we feel good in our work, then things go well for the firm too. We are all each other's most important assets.

Are you a talented system designer and developer of software, electronics or FPGA:s? Want to join us working on exciting and challenging projects? If so, please send your application to

Available Positions

We are currently looking for system architects, project managers and developers who are keen to work with developing intelligent products and systems.

Any questions about what it’s like to work for us? Please contact me and I'd be happy to tell you more.

Until then, all the best!

Jesper Hillberg, VD

Phone: +46 8 410 409 22