From outer space to the inner human body

Embedded systems can be found almost anywhere. Our customers work within space solutions and life science, in data and telecommunications and in vehicle technology and the defence industry. But our part of the project – what we love and know well – isn’t dependent on any particular branch – even though every project has its own conditions, which we have to know in detail.

Our customers vary in terms of their size. Whilst some are multinational companies with long histories, others have only just started and are building their first product. Others still are research institutes whose interests are not yet commercial.

What some of our customers say about us:

More efficient, comprehensive solutions
"Proportionally speaking, the amount of software in what we build is increasing. We’ve therefore chosen to establish a working relationship with a partner which has expert competence within the field of embedded software. We chose Realtime Embedded because of their competence, geographical proximity and in-house development. Because of this, we can more effectively provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, whilst also being able to deliver support and administration services for complex products in the long term. We’re convinced that an effective working relationship between different specialists offers considerable benefits for our customers."

Vidar Wernöe, VD

A whole new insight
"Realtime Embedded help us with, amongst other things, the development of tools and applications, as well as algorithm optimisation. Using the tools they’ve developed, we’ve gained a greater insight into our application, which has allowed us to make performance improvements to our product. Their knowledge of embedded systems and algorithm optimisation has been of great value to us. They’ve not ‘only’ delivered code, but also good documentation, as well as explanations and tips."

Fredrik Tjärnström, Senior Manager Feature Development
Autoliv Electronics