Electronics design

Everything we do involves integrating hardware and software. And we wouldn’t get far with that without knowledge in electronics design.

Our designers work with both analogue and digital electronics, developing custom designed electronics and designing carrier boards for CPU modules. We work with motherboards, gateways, display cards, sensors, control electronics and power supply design – in short, everything that’s needed to make any embedded system work.

Back at the office, we tend to use Altium as our design and CAD tool, but we know our way around most of the well-established CAD programs.

As well as the interface between electronics, FPGA:s and software, our designers are used to working with deployment. Naturally, they can help with building test systems for both development and production.

Everything in order

Proper documentation and thorough specifications are key features of our service delivery. We know how important they are. We also know which requirements and directives to follow, and are therefore well aware of the standards that apply regarding the vehicle industry, medical device, transport and defence.