Internet of Things/Industry 4.0

What everybody else is talking about, we’ve already done

They say the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is the future. We don’t agree, since we’re already there. But it’s true that it will become more commonplace. By 2020, it has been predicted that fifty billion systems and things will be communicating with each other over the internet. There aren’t quite so many just yet.

The systems we develop include sensors of various types such as gyros, temperature sensors and cameras. These communicate with each other, with other systems and gateways or directly with a server/cloud solution.

The sensors collect information, which can be used for all manner of things. For example, they can help to ensure reliability and a more efficient servicing of machines and systems, by sending out alerts even before they become worn out. This means a simple service can replace the need for difficult repairs.

Other systems use real-time information about the flow of goods to optimise their warehousing. More efficient logistics can result in significant cost savings. Data from products, however, can also supply information about how systems are used, so that future versions can be adapted with a view to providing a better, more user-friendly product.

While you focus on the packaging, we take care of the content

Let us at Realtime Embedded take on the responsibility of delivering your Internet of Things (IoT) project. We’ll make sure that the system is designed in an innovative way, without sacrificing reliability or security. Our development department will take care of your entire project (or parts of it) and develop the sensors and gateways which form the core of the system. We’ll ensure that the communications work, regardless of whether these are wireless or cable-based. Naturally, we’ll also make sure that the system is designed to be both secure and easy to maintain and update.

Take a look at our case studies to see what we’ve done for some of  our customers.

Security – now more important than ever

The Internet of Things offers tremendous business opportunities. But more and more systems having constant internet connections requires an entirely new way of thinking when it comes to security.

Many systems contain vulnerabilities. Above all, this applies to systems which were not originally designed to be connected up to the internet. We help our customers to avoid risks by offering long-term security strategies, comprehensive system updates and regular security analyses.

Our work in developing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Our work at Realtime Embedded isn’t only focused on enabling our customers to gain the greatest possible benefits from IoT. We want more Swedish companies to benefit from these developments, so that Sweden can become the world’s leading IoT nation.

That’s why we’re part of Swedish M2M Services Enablers, or SMSE, as it’s also called. This is a collaboration between Swedish start-up companies in the IoT sector whose aim is to market and develop Sweden’s IoT profile.

We’re also members of IoT Sweden, a strategic research programme which aims to make Sweden the world’s best IoT nation.

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