Open Source Embedded Systems Emulator

Just as the name suggests, Emul8 is an emulator for various embedded systems. Using Emul8, we can develop and test embedded software on a normal PC without needing access to the physical electronics. This has a number of advantages. In the emulated, or virtual, environment we can control system conditions relating both to the electronics and to the software in such a way as is difficult or even impossible in real life. We can, for example, allow a set of virtual sensors to receive signals which, in reality, would be hard to create in a controlled fashion. We can also receive better feedback from the system than that which it would be able to offer when ‘live’.

This improves speed and security in the development phase – and therefore also cost-effectiveness. Eventually the system or software must of course be downloaded and tested in its true, embedded environment. By that point, however, thanks to Emul8 we will have already come a long way towards being able to offer a finished product or system.

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