Product development

There are a number of ongoing projects in our development department, all of which focus on intelligent solutions including embedded systems technology. Our work is agile so that we can tailor our work to our customers’ processes as simply as possible. This way, they’re given a front row seat from which to follow the work throughout the whole of the project.

The most important tool we have is our knowledge, our collective competence. But we also have an electronics lab with access to the latest technology, as well as an effective project model, which allows us to deliver sustainable solutions. Besides which, we’re careful to supply documentation, so that our systems are easy to maintain and update.

The results of our product development are various. Often it’s about designing and developing software, building Linux systems, optimising algorithms, developing electronics, designing FPGAs, programming motor controls and maintaining and developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

We also develop machine learning solutions – and we have data analysis specialists who work with image and predictive analysis, among other systems.