What we believe in

We at RTE devote a large part of our lives to our work. We place considerable demands on ourselves. Which is why we also demand a lot of our workplace. In simple terms, we believe that it’s easier to do a good job in a good job. That’s why we have certain principles and values which are key to our business.

Our staff, with their unique collective knowledge of embedded systems development, is our greatest asset. We’re happy to share our knowledge with each other and with our customers and partners. This we do in our projects, research, seminars and training courses.
Our aim is to be an independent supplier, always striving for the best solution for our customers. A key aspect of our business culture is the fact that we allow our staff a large degree of personal responsibility for developing both the company and themselves.
Words that describe us well are ‘solutions-orientated’ and ‘structured’. We’re passionate about solving problems. To this end, we use modern tools and working methods – cutting-edge technology – along with the good old art of engineering.
Our business culture is characterised by openness and transparency – both internally and in our dealings with our customers. Our aim is always to be seen as being honest and reliable. We stand up for who we are, and have faith in our own competence. We’re honest in what we offer, and always aim to deliver balanced and reasonable estimates.